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Mini Clubman Cooper S parking break

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Good Morning All

I am thinking of buying a mini clubman cooper S but I have been warned to be careful of the parking break. I do not have any experience of electronic breaks and I have been told that the parking break comes on automatically when the engine is turned off. Is this true. Any advice you can give me will be appreciated.

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Can't give any advice as I don't drive auto transmission cars but as many manufactueres are opting to do only auto transmission I might have no choose in the future.
The Owner's Handbook for my F60 says: "..Depending on the parking situation, the parking brake is automatically engaged...…….Steptronic transmission: engaging elector lever position P automatically applies the parking brake....."

I haven't experienced the parking brake being applied only when engine is turned off. I have had it in N (engine off) to allow the car to be rolled back and forth.

Have to say I have been experimenting with leaving the car in D at traffic lights, after coming to a stop, and just applying the parking brake, which then releases when I touch the accelerator pedal and the car moves forward. On occasion the start/stop also activates. It seems to be quite happy doing this. If one selects N it deactivates the Start/Stop.

I still have much to learn.
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