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Hey everyone! i am new here.

Just a week ago we ordered a MINI cooper s convertiable

here is waht we got-

Chili Red-Black top
All three packages- premeuim,cold weather,sport,
( that gave us heated seats,heated windsheilds,heated washerjets, Xenons with washers, Harmon Kadon(or however you spell that :rolleyes: ), 17"wheels, and a few more things.. i am forgetting!)
we also got the chrono pack, the on bord computer.

In SIMPLE WORDS we got EVERYTHING except for GPS and a lot of usless dealer assories. I dont know about your dealer but ours will give us matts for the front and back for free! (carpet or plastic, our choice)

Yeah.. so ours is supposed to come in mid-end novermber to begging december!

So if anyone else has pictures or anything like that please post them.
thank you
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