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Hi everyone,

I've had my Mini Cooper 2006 for about 11 years now, and recently, my car started suddenly acting up such that the lights on the tachometer (notably the ABS and Brake lights, as well as the flat tire light occasionally on the speedometer) flash in unison. While the flashing is occurring, I also notice that the car feels like it rumbles a little more aggressively as well which has caused me to pull over because I was unsure of why it was acting up. The error codes I've seen from the check engine light are P1613 and P1611.

When I took my car to the dealership to get it checked I was told that they believe the tachometer is broken and that I'm getting faulty error codes as a result; however I was also told that an issue with the tachometer should not affect the behavior of the car, so I'm wondering if it could actually be another issue.

Also of note, I changed my tires in December and none of them are flat, and have also changed my brake pads and brake sensors in the last couple months, just to rule out the possibility that those issues weren't faulty.

Has anyone experienced something like this before? I'm attaching screenshots of the behavior I've seen in my car from the flashing.

Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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