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I've just brought a Mini Cooper convertible on a 54 plate and I've had a couple of problems:

1) The stereo was working fine when I test drove it and now it wont switch on, the power is there because the orange lights come on, but not numbers etc on the display??? And a couple of times its come on with details on the front screen playing music but only a couple of seconds of each song as though its skipping through a CD - but there is no CD in it??? I'm waiting for it to be booked back into the garage I brought it from, but no luck with a date yet - and its not a mini garage. Any suggestions?

2) The reversing sensors only seem to work occassionally, yesterday when I put the car in reverse the tone was continious like when you are right next to something and keep reversing! Its now happened a couple of times and there is nothing behind me?!! I've checked the sensors are clear and they seem clear?? Any advise?

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