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Hi everyone,

I have a standard Mini Cooper D hatchback, 2013 1.6L turbocharged which I am hoping to get remapped for my 21st birthday treat (I would like the extra performance and fuel efficiency :)). I would like some help from somebody more experienced before I go ahead with this though so I have some basic questions!

A remap increases the amount of wear on the car. I don't want to lower the life span of my car much or make it less reliable, I have a healthy car and I don't want to ruin that. Is the wear increase a large amount and something I need to consider? I don't drive everyday, mainly just the weekends atm as I work from home. But if I were to be driving a long distance daily, would it be an issue? An article online said that a remapped car needs to be serviced more regularly.

The mini has no mods at all, so is it best to upgrade something first such as the air filter or exhaust to improve the results?

I've heard that there are several different remap stages (stage 1, 2 and 3). Im assuming I would need to go for the first stage as I have no mods. I'm hoping to get a ~20 - 30% performance increase, so would a stage 1 remap be the right one for me? I'm not sure if this would be a sort of "standard" remap, I've heard that there are different types of remap but this is where I get lost!

Does a remapped car ride less smoothly/is it less comfortable for passengers?

I would really appreciate any advice, I've never done this before. I would really love to do it but I need to make sure that it's not a stupid idea first! Thank you :)
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