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MINI Cooper Helps save Life!!

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Hi all,

Had a bit of a MINI adventure this weekend. I went with a group of friends to the beach at Crackington Haven, In Cornwall at the weekend. My friend went swimming in the sea and after a few minutes came back looking really Ill, we thought he was cold or had been stung by a jellyfish. He told us that he had dived into a wave and hit his head on a sandbar and his neck was really hurting. After 10 mins it became apparant that this was serious, so we loaded him as carefully as we could into MINI Minstrel and took him to hospital as steadily as possible. Once we got him to the nearest hospital, the severity of his injuries became apparant and an ambulance was called. When the ambulance arrived they decided the Air ambulance was necessary and after very carefully removing him from MINI Minstrel, aided greatly by the 90 degree opening doors and height adjustable seats he was moved to a stretcher and taken to the landing site. He was then flown by helicopter to Hospital. Upon arriving at hospital he was informed he had broken his neck and could easily have been paralysed. He is recovering in hospital and it will be up to twelve weeks before he recovers, but thanks to MINI Minstrel he should make a full recovery. I have a few pics which I may post if my friend agrees but I'm sure you will appreciate this is a sensitive subject and I don't want to upset him. Is this the first lifesaving MINI adventure??
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Pass on my best wishes for your friend - he seems very lucky although I bet he doesn't feel it now!

And well done for getting him the help he needed any slight movement could have been disasterous.

Hope your mate has a speedy recovery!

All them nurse's though!!!!
Hope your mate has a speedy recovery!

All them nurse's though!!!!
What a chat up story, really going for excitement and sympathy. Wiped out surfing, man and like got picked up in this cool MINI, man, then got taken by a helicopter dude and flown here. Whoa! awesome.:cool: :cool:

Hope he's alright!:)
He survived with the sports suspension?!?!

Well done for doing everything correctly, hope he makes a speedy recovery. Also, hope the MINI wasn't too displeased with having to be driven carefully and responsibly...

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