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Hiya guys and gals, ive decided to upgrade the ice that is in my cooper.

I currently have a Sony MEX BT5100 headunit with a 10disc changer in the boot, standard speakers and a 12"jbl sub and jbl 4 channel amp (only running two channels at the moment)

So im happy enough with the headunit for now and have acquired a 10" Infinity sub as i think the 12 is a bit lazy plus the box is HUGE in the mini boot!

Just wondering what speakers front (are components worth the effort) and rear (will 6x9 fits, are there better speakers for similar money)would people recommend and also is it worth amping the rear speakers on the spare two channels i have or shall i bridge these and run all four into the sub and keep the amp running low.

My budget is probably upto £100 a pair, i dont use the car enough to warrant spending more.

Also can people suggest where they have bought there recommended speakers from as the net is a minefield as we all know.

Any help or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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