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I am in a real hurry, my friend's Mini S turbo which he changed the under the dash fusebox, with another fusebox from a Mini one because he could not find any spare parts, works normally, everything works, but the fuse locations and some stuffs are different, the problem lies within the A/C compressor, there is no plug to it, the previous owner probably cut the wires, I have searched all the engine for the plug, I think it has been cut deep down.
If anyone could give me the wiring diagram or the colour coding for the A/C wires and where it is located either under the dash or in the engine bay, and the relay.
the A/C have no plugs going to it what so ever, I could not find the plug, I also don't hear any relay clicking when he activated the A/C, the led turns green the engine revs a bit higher but I do not see any relay or anything clicking, please provide pictures and how to find the wiring or the plug so I can just make wiring for a new plug
Thank you!
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