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Hi I’ve been trying to find the location of the Intake Air Temperature Sensor on a R50 Non s
I thought the Non s had a Map sensor but it looks it is a TMap sensor
The reason I was trying to find it is because the Intake Air Temperature was reading too high
I’ve tried 3 different Map TMap? Sensors part No 0872648 and they all read between 10-15 deg C above ambient temperature this is with the sensors out in the open and not in the housing engine off and cool over night
So from the start off the reading is already 15 deg C out and it only gets worse
Is there anyway of calibrating the temperature
Also noticed in the OBC Hidden menu 7.1 the display is reading really high in the region of 160 not sure if that is C or F but menu 7.0 the coolant temperature is definitely in C and is fine
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated especially on the correct Map/TMAP part number for R50 2003 Non s
Regards Assad
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