I just dismantled a 2003 Mini Cooper (yellow with blue interior) with CVT automatic transmission and have the following parts for sale; most should fit any R50 or R53. (2002-2006) All worked when removed from car unless noted in the description. Happy to ship at cost or pickup in the Greenville, SC area.. Additional photos, including of applicable part numbers, are here: Mini Cooper Parts for Sale or let me know what you are interested in and I'll forward pics.

Windshield washer reservoir and pump $45

Spare tire wheel cover and bracket $50

Air conditioner compressor - I could not test as the engine in the car didn’t run, but the system held pressure and spinning the clutch wheel creates pressure. $50

Air conditioner condenser - held pressure in car $35

Transmission cooler $100

Dashboard front fascia panels/bezels, silver $100

Sunroof movable glass panel $75

Dashboard cover panel, blue $50

Front brake pads, Carquest Premium Gold Semi-metallic, 87% left $20

Accelerator pedal/module (for automatic transmission) $75

CVT Auto Transmission. I could not personally test it as the car had a blown engine but the seller indicated it was fine, fluid inside was clean/unburnt. From a floor shifter car. $1250

DME, immobilizer, key and cylinder. VIN number available, no error codes $200

Ignition switch $20

Body control module $100

Dash switch panel $25

Instrument speedometer cluster $85

Tachometer $75

Radio/CD player. I was not able to test the CD player but otherwise worked fine. $50

Sunroof switch $20

Rearview mirror (not with dimming and rain sensor) $35

Turn signal switch stalk $50

Wiper switch stalk $30

Climate control panel $95

Fiamme horn set $20

Sunroof motor - Works fine, gear is wearing and made some grinding noise but did move sunroof panel. Replace the gear and you're all set! $100

Owners manual (for 2003 models) $15

Keyless entry control unit $25

Drivers side (steering wheel) airbag $100

Passenger side airbag $100

Trunk side panels, blue $15

Passenger side door upper trim $40

Drivers side door upper trim $40

Gas flap actuator motor $50

Passenger side door card/trim panel, blue/silver $50

Drivers side door card/trim panel, blue/silver $50

Passenger side door window glass $50

Drivers side door window glass $50

Passenger side window regulator and motor $100

Drivers side window regulator and motor $100

Passenger side headlamp assembly, halogen, mostly clear lens $50

Drivers side headlamp assembly, halogen, mostly clear lens $50

Rear window shelf, blue $50
Trunk lid trim panel, blue $50

Rear view mirrors, pair, white caps, motors work fine, minor scratches $150 pair; $85 if you only need one

Rear wiper motor $75