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Mini Cooper S '19 - Ticking noise coming from the dashboard?

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When I unlock my car, without turning the engine on, I can hear a ticking/knocking sound coming from the dashboard. It can last between 10-30 seconds and it seems to be more frequent when the car has been sat idle for a while, such as overnight. I've had the bonnet up to see if I can locate the noise but it's definitely coming from inside the car, mainly the dashboard.

Any ideas what's causing this?

Here's a link to the video:
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funnily enough I noticed very similar in my 05 R53 today (I've only had the car a week!)... at first I thought it was a clock ticking, but as it's digital it can't be that! It seemed to stop after a couple of minutes but cycling the ignition off and then back on again about 15 mins later it did it again
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