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Driving my mini cooper s to shop everything ok, get home stop car, after about 30 mins need to go out again, car will not start, no turn over, press start button, all lights go out, no cranking, did notice temp read 34°C on dash board, outside temp was about 30 ish. Lifted bonnet, this was nearly too hot to touch, engine compartment was giving off a lot of heat. Tried to start again, same syptoms, nothing only lights going out. Then electric fan kicks in, assumed engine was really hot, fan ran for about 4 mins then stopped, still no start, when press start button, all happens is all lights go out, and you hear an electrical click but no cranking. No warning lights, or symbols. Left car for about two hours to see if cool down, but still same syptoms,
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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