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MINI Cooper S F56 Remap Software

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Hello Guys,

We have recently purchased a MINI Cooper F56 LCI JCW as a demo car for our VUDU Software. We are planning on pushing it to its limits by designing and building a hybrid turbo that will allow us to take it to stage 3.

We have already developed a range of VUDU Performance MINI Cooper S Remap software for the F56 model with excellent results. Our stage 1 software has seen the car go from 192BHP to 270BHP, whilst maintaining the OEM driving feel.

If you'd like to check us out you can do so using the link below:

We want to know if anyone here has upgraded their turbo and if so what power figures have you been reaching?

We have attached some images of a MINI Cooper S F56 that is now featuring our Stage 1 software calibration.

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