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that is the best way to run them seen a lot of them with misfires and all kinds of faults that clear up up after a engine flush and good oil,, i always get customers to stick half a can of seafoam in oil 100 miles before service it removes all carbon build up that can effect the oil fed inlet valves,, only ever get good feedback from owners,, really is all about the oil in those engines and cooling the turbo down before switch off as it works very hard
Yeah I am pretty sure the oil circulating pump runs for a few minutes after shutdown also to help with that.

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Mike what is your opinion of the "walnut blast" I heard them recommended for small turbocharged engines?
for someone who is not mechanically minded and always takes to garage , then its the best way forward but not cheapest way forward,
its mainly the direct injections turbo engine that tend to suffer from it, more so with engines that breath more than others and my own belief its a sign of wear in the timing area ie the over lap on valves has got to big so allows some fuel mix to flow back behind inlet valves just a thought i have had when the norm is time chain stretch and need clean rear of valves off, i remove inlet manifold enough to spray seafoam and little brush it dissolves, also carb clean will do same trick £10 a can can do 20 engines with it,,, also i have used seafoam inlet spray while engine running and dose it up leave if to soak then next day give it good run worth doing it every service it dose keep carbon under control,,, what i never do is just poor seafoam in the breath pipes of any car,, always a control amount let it smoke white switch it off let it soak,, like anything if do it right and with some common sense its fine,, seen one fool poor it into the air intake on a diesel is bent the conrods as liquid dont compress,,, diesel engine only way is in oil and in fuel filter or pipework for neat dose or fuel tank for a clean out over some miles,,, seen a lot of piezo injectors show up faulty on a scan after cleaned with seafoam reading same within 5%...
modern engines are by design collecting carbons in oil and exhaust to meet laws on what they can put out into the world at the cost of reliability in many cases it would seem.
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