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Mini Cooper Tattoos Anyone?

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Just curious (since I found out that I will be getting another tat for Christmas) if anyone had any Mini Cooper related ink done?
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Interesting......not so long ago it was a pride point for Harley that their owners would get Tats...who ever saw a Honda Tat? Then Hard core Scooter people started getting Vespa and Lambretta MINI? It would make sense...fierce owner loyalty...a strong sense of the goofy....

How about a BullDog morphed into a MINI?

Peter..who would like to see the Denver
I'm not an owner (yet) but could I still get one? I have one idea, I'm open for suggestions... I was thinking this mini outline design in black and white with zig-zag lines behind it like a road, kinda like the "s" on the mini but sideways around my ankle.......


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There used to be guy on here that did have a MINI Tattoo. I think it was GBMINI. I haven't seen him around in a long time.
Tavis1 :red:
the user with the first tat was Gene, GMINI03, theres a pic in his gallery if you want to see it;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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