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Mini Cooper UK Build Dates

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Looking at various threads posted on this site I notice that people have actually been given a specific week that their Mini is to be built.

Does this mean I should be able to ring my dealer and find out the build date of mine which has been delayed somewhat?

When I enquired at the dealer they just told my my car was down for a 'June build' and that was it. But I have seem posts on the site for people who've been given exact weeks like Week 27 (which is the first week of July i.e. after mine is supposed to be being built).
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They should be able to tell you a build week, but maybe not for definate until the car has gone into production. I only found out my build week once the car had been given a chassis number and actually started down the production line. The dealer should be able to give you an estimated delivery date and it should be printed on your order form.

On another point, the rear suspension on my car actually has a sticker from the factory with the date and time it was bolted onto my car.:D
I ordered my car on 22nd April, and got the build week confirmed (week 49 - Dec 2nd) on Monday this week (29th April). If you're down for an earlier build than me they should be able to tell you the build date...
Well I collected my ONE today & its the best :cool: :cool: :cool: Loads of looks & finger pointing :p :p :p
Will post lots of piccies tomorrow, would do it now but im off to watch the play offs :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Yes, your dealer can definitely tell you - especially if your car's been allocated a chassis number. Mine's a week 18 build - guess what, that's THIS WEEK!!!!!!!! YIPEE!!!! :D :D :D

Get them photo's up smiffy lad :p
I ordered my S last month and have been given a delivery date of late July/Early August.:rolleyes:
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