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Mini Countryman F60 electrics cut off whilst driving & door open whilst driving

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Can anyone help? I bought a new countryman S - F60 in June and have had 2 technical faults that the dealership and Mini Assist have deemed they couldn't find a fault after diagnostics.

First driving at about 30/40mph my car turned off completely and restarted (electrics switched off). This happened again going around a busy island about a week later. I wasn't on the clutch or brake.

At the weekend, I got into the car everything normal no warning lights, doors locked. Ten minutes into the drive my front passenger flew open i was doing 50mph. Luckily my partner was there to catch it and thankfully no one was in the left hand lane which could have caused an accident and I am sure I would be liable!!

My issue is that we weren't warned when setting off that the door wasn't locked properly. Of course when the door fully opened the warning light came on and sound. Mini Assist came out and the technician said the doors latch was a bit stiff and couldn't find a fault. he'd never seen this issue happen before

I think i'm within my right to feel annoyed and fobbed off. these are random issues but i feel like there may be a technical fault. I have logged a complaint as I don't feel safe driving this car anymore. Any help would be great.
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when it turns off is it total shut down no lights on dash,,, or still have lights on dash,,, if still got lights on dash it maybe start stop function to blame, might be a switch on gearbox or maybe linked to a faulty body control module perhaps,, ie that would also explain the other random fault,,
Lights were still on. Thanks for the advice!
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