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MINI Cover insurance specialists (in their words)

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Hello all! :D

Has anybody else experienced problems with MINICover insurers. They are affiliated with BMW(GB) and underwritten by privilidge and were more than helpful when it came to giving me a quote and taking my bank details but have I been able to speak to them since??? have I bunnies.

They suddenly increased my direct debit payment by 140% after four months and I can't get through to them to find out why. Message after message, hours on hold etc etc. Had to cancel the direct debit with the bank in the end and have re-insured with the AA. I'm still none the wiser as to why they changed the monthly figure from what I signed and sent back to them.

Just wondered if anyone else has experienced problems with them or if they just don't like me:confused: .


MINICover are pants (in my opinon anyway):p
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I'm covered with them myself and they're just about to take my 4th monthly payment so I'll keep my eyes peeled and see if anything goes funny.

They're all part of the Green Glag/Direct Line group and their call centre is based in Leeds. The only occasion I've had to contact them so far I managed to get through 1st time (although we weren't talking money at the time so maybe that was why?)

Thanks for the warning though..;)
Yep I've had problems with these insurers too...
I rang mini insurance on the 27th Dec to arrange insurance for when I picked up my cooper on Jan 3rd. They quoted me a price which was one of the cheapest i'd found. I rang back again and double checked all my details and there quote before going ahead with the insurance. They took my credit card details and said they would send me a cover note throught the post straight away.
Cover note still hadn't arrived by the the 3rd which I put down to Christmas post. I then went to pick up my new car but found out that I could not take my new car without an insurance cover note(due to registration problems). Dealership was very helpful and because mini insurance was part of the mini group they "pulled a few strings" and had mini insurance fax over a cover note which I signed there and then. They believed my original cover note must have been "lost in the post". Drove my new car off into the sunset and lived happily ever after...
...well not quite - received my insurance documentation through the post 2 days later with the cost increased by £150 and debited from my credit card. Rang insurance up straight away and they informed me that this was the original price that I had been quoted on Dec 27th and that I must have got my numbers mixed up with another insurance company. unfortunately I had thrown away my reference number from original phone call and didn't really have a leg to stand on. There had been no debit from my credit card either until Jan 3rd.
Well the situation now is that although I could now get the insurance cheaper elsewere I've still kept this insurance policy. I know I've been messed about and lied to but at the end of the day with getting a new car and been very busy at work I just can't be arsed with the hassle of phone arguments and swapping insurance again.
In conclusion, next year when it comes to reinsuring my car I wont touch mini insurance with a barge pole.
By the way car is fantastic....even when its drifting to the left.
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Everyone should simultaneously set fire to their MINIs and claim. That would learn 'em.

No, actually thinking about it, thats a stupid idea, my car's way too much fun

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