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Hi all, not been on here for a while but still enjoying the Mini lifestyle.
Some help please.
A couple of months ago my front windscreen washers failed to work.
As my car was booked in for a full service with Mini I asked them to inspect and fix the fault which they did for £75.00!!
6 months later they have failed again, just as the weather is changing ?
So after checking my previous invoice as the work with Mini is guaranteed, noticed they charged me for a replacement windshield washing fluid tank-1199000 and screen wash. Now I have checked this part number but not recognised on the internet!!
Wondering if this may be an internal part no... but the fluid tank is old and discoloured so was never replaced ??, car is a 2007 MCs, but to be fair it did have screenwash ? so i phoned Mini and explained the above, they say to bring the car back to them as they do offer a warranty but only against the parts they fit and would only charge for a fluid tank if one was replaced ?
Anything outside the warranty will be down to myself ?
Annoyed as feel another charge to fix the same fault coming my way ??
Wondering if any advice regarding the previous charge as this was done about 6 Months ago.
The car is booked in for next week.
Thanks in advance.
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