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MINI, Diesel & DPF maintenance in city driving conditions

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Dear MINI owners,

It's been two weeks since I bought a used 2013 (63 plate) 1.6 Mini Dooper and so far I love it! :big_grin: As a first time DIESEL owner, I'm concerned about its driving routine, as well as how to keep it in tip top shape. It only has about 40k miles and it's fully serviced, so everything inside it is like new, and I'd like to keep it this way. Reading so many things about DPF problems and what could go wrong I am a little worried, as I mostly use it for city driving (4-5 sub 5 mile trips). Of course, I do my occasional trips (perhaps once or twice a month - I'd say maybe 50 miles each way in highway driving), but I'm not sure if that's enough.

From what I've been reading, the last example is ideal for maintaining the DPF at its best condition; not so much, however, the former. First of all, is there any rule of thumb regarding its use (miles in the highway per month, speed, revs etc.), or how often it regenerates? Moreover, is there anything I can do to maintain it at its best even in city driving conditions? e.g. Any additives I can purchase (either from MINI or from other manufacturers that MINI recomments)? Higher revving maybe, or something else? I've been reading some nice reviews about Wynn's DPF cleaning solution (an additive you put in the tank)

Any other Dooper owners using it mainly in city driving conditions or any suggestions? :big_grin:

Thanks to all of you in advance!
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Hi to all.
I dont know if i have fault codes in ecu. At my return, will put more then 50% in tank, will drive it direct to Service Garage, min 2000 rpm for next 180km, and they will check, if some fault code is problem, or just Dpf , did not regenerate , because my driving style was bad.I had a mountain climb, and on the top of the mountaine, DPF massage was on.
Does DPF massage will gone, if it will regenete while i driving?

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yes it will switch the light off if it an regen,, worth trying a 3k run for a hour if that dont work nothing will excpt sorting the issue with software and maybe new filter or delete it.
those codes are part of the dpf system and stored due to blockage and needs a regen so wont prevent a regen ie some codes do prevent it like coolant faults or engine timing etc where those codes are for the filter and regen process and sometimes a good ragging for 20 miles will clear it all get it back happy again,, or a forced regen and add cataclean dpf cleaner in fuel tank would help raise the temps in the exhaust ie the hotter the exhaust gets the more effective the regens are,,, i know its bloody pain such a bad design,, also you should after doing all this change the oil and filter as when the block they keep trying to regen and if not enough heat they will wash unburnt diesel in to the sump on blow past on piston rings,,, this hurts the timing chains and other parts a lot if not done,,, hence why i always say delete them drop a good map on them and enjoy them more,
below link good read also when the filters come to near end of life no cleaner works with moving the red coloured super fine dust that is the residue of burning the soot, there are hgv dpf cleaning companies who use pressure and heat off the truck/car to force them clean, ford, psa. volvo all put a 75.000 miles replace as service items based on cars that are driven above 2k everywhere as heat and constant pressure keeps them working freely,, trouble is that destroy fuel economy in the real world,
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