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MINI displays -70 (days) for brake fluid service

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This probably means that the car is 2 years and 70 days and that a brake oil change should have been performed 70 days ago..
Correct? Should the oil be changed every 2 years?

Now, the car just came back from service (34.000 Km) - and, I forgot to mention about the -70 .. so.. they haven't done anything about this.

Any advice on what I should do? Don't they check this on service normally? They did check the brake pads and discs (I was told)
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I had a similar experience with my mini just before Christmas. Mine too is just over two years old. It was reading -30 on the display, so i contacted my local dealership, and they said that they "recommend" the brake fluid be changed every 2 years. Although the guy didn't make it sound too important. In my case however, i was about to embark on a 3000 mile round trip to Italy, so insisted it be changed for ease of mind. IMO its better to have it done, just in case, as the brakes are probably the most important parts on the car. Also the brake fluid change is part of the TLC package, and so costs! Which was nice!!

Good luck

I'm not sure what TLC is or if we have the equivalent in Belgium..
As I bring in the car next week for a clutch check/replacement I will ask them to change the brake fluid as well (and try to push it as part of the service that was done 2 weeks ago).
The TLC is package you pay for at the inital car purchase. It cost £100 (About 140 euros) and covers the car for 50,000 miles or 5 years servicing and 1st brake fluid change. Not sure if this is available on the continent.

Good Luck

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