Mini F55, F56, F57 Red Carbon fiber PETROL FLAP BASE from NVD Autosport

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Our NVD Autosport‘s Carbon fiber parts are Mini F55, F56, F57 original parts laminated with REAL carbon fiber, coated with our in-house coating formula to prevent the carbon fiber parts from heat and UV in order to keep your BMW carbon fiber parts in the most beautiful condition. We offer almost every Mini parts in carbon fiber.

Our Mini F55, F56, F57 Carbon fiber parts are available in :

  • Black carbon fiber twill weave 2x2
  • Black carbon fiber plain weave 1x1
  • Silver carbon fiber
  • Red Carbon fiber
we have the largest premium variety of carbon fiber interior, exterior and engine room parts for Mini F55, F56, F57

More of NVD Autosport Mini F55, F56, F57 Carbon fiber parts:

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