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MINI font

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Forgive me if this is somewhere on the forum already, but I could not find it by searching.

What is the MINI font? We are making some custom graphics and would prefer to use the actual font instead of guessing and trying to make it look close.



...and YIPPEE - I ordered my MINI on Monday. I'm so excited! My husband bought one already, so it will be hard waiting eight weeks until mine gets here!
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PM me you e-mail address, and I will mail you the official MINI fonts.

Here you go:

They are copyrighted to BMW though I doubt they would care unless you were using them for commercial gain.

Thanks! I've been looking everywhere for those. It looks so plain (for lack of a better word) that I thought they would be easy to find!

Thanks again, Debbie
If you're running Windows, I find this freeware program really useful for browsing fonts on my machine:

The programs not been updated for a long while, but it's perfect as it is.

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