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Hi there I am a MINI lover & I smile every time I get into my Mellow Yellow DaisyScooper :) ! As I know all of you are also.!
I also am an Independent Artist # 341232 with South Hill Designs, which is a jewellery company that offer a unique way to show off what you love in a customizable locket. There are over 500 charms to choose from, I created a MINI inspired locket that I wear every day :) This is an amazing company, with quailty jewellery and I would love to spread the MINI love and have you Customize your on MINI insipred locket today online. South Hill has expanded from the USA into Canada, UK, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico.
Place your order at South Hill Designs
South Hill Designs Independent Artist # 341232.
Email me any questions at [email protected]
Take a look at my page of what others have created for other ideas of what amzing way to share your story! I look forward to helping you all wear what you love!!!
All the best
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