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Just thought i'd start a new thread with links to or pics of MINIs in PC/Console Games. Most of us know about the GTA versions, but GT3 Concept and GT4 both have new Minis confirmed, and I thought we could post up pics we manage to find of them appearing in other games...

I'll start the ball rolling with these links to, of some old and new Mini pics. Esp like the detail on the old Mini.

Yellow Cooper S - Half way down Page. Nice Bamboo Setting!

Last 3 pics, ice racing old Mini Cooper. Really good pics.

Silver Cooper S Actual In Game Pic - Taken at E3
Notice how this model has an aerial, where the yellow one above doesn't? Must be updated.

Here and Here are pics of the old Mini taken with GT4s new Photo Mode.

The Silver Cooper S Harassing a Ford Ka, But with no rear wing! Will the cars be specable, or is this an incomplete model? Hmm...

This one is great. Amazing how perspective makes the New black S look like a monster behind the old Cooper.

And finally, a blue new cooper down a dark alley - Its a Mini adventure!

This page is for GT Concept (Already Released). There are 6 pics here (at the bottom) of a Chili Red Cooper S racing a Golf, and 2 on the next page.

This is just the start, so If you have any more pics or links, feel free to post them here.
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