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Mini In The Park on ITV CENTRALS "Revved Up"

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On tonight (Friday 1-10-04) CENTRAL ITV1 only.

Revved Up

Motoring magazine presented by Mike Brewer. In this episode he modifies the interior of his souped-up MG and attends the Mini in the Park festival at Silverstone.
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mini on tv

If anybody watches this program in central region could they please record it. don't have access and would really like to see what was on it from Mini45. I drove new Mini (learner drivers car) on autotest and wondered if it was recorded. Would appreciate copy of tape and will cover all costs. send me a pm if you can help.
if you read this and recorded my drive on home video would appreciate copy because my photos were rubbish
Didn't record it, but you didn't miss much as far as our MINI goes. :rolleyes:

They only showed the "S" cabriolet BMW MINI, the rest was all that old stuff!! :rolleyes: :D :p

They did take the "S" cab down the 1/4 mile strip though and recorded 7.5 sec run.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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