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Mini juddering when accelerating?

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I replaced my spark plugs and it sorted out the problem it was a quick fix.

You will need a thin wall 14mm bihex socket bought mine from machinemart

Also available at amazon, ebay , europarts, halfords and plenty of other shops and sites out there.

The following from GSF car parts
spark plugs (the problem)
air filter (fitted)
fuel filter (fit another day) 🙄

While at tesco's Petrol station I stuck a bottle of redex into the fuel tank then filled up full with fuel.

Redex £4.00 Tesco's to clean the fuel system.

Try to clean the spark plugs and save yourself £50 if your on a budget.
brass suede brush amazon, ebay, shoe shop lol done this last year.

Hope this helps someone out there😉
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Improving acceleration to better meet the XO location(performance wise) of where it was when pulled off the show room floor would be to replace the spring in the diverter valve to an alta higher tension spring*
Blow Off Valve Spring Upgrade
Also to install a Bung on the fuel return line in the valve cover. For more direct recycling of the PVC fuel,air,oil mixture back into the engine. As this bung is a genuine Mini cooper bung. Only one is required as to why they sell them in a pair I would guess is because they are plastic at this point.
Blind Plug - Set Of 2
The spring recommendation is for turbo charger only applications.
and all of my recommendations are focused on 2nd generation Mini Coopers.
All around for any Mini Cooper or any car it is good to use
on anything that has a O ring or a gasket that is shaped into a plastic type component as it creates a hermetic seal.

*Reason is when the car is driving in a turbo charged Mini Cooper the throttle becomes deadened with the regular spring over time and the inconsistent behavior of the throttle action and performance when dealing with a old stock spring is suggests it is also over gasing the crankcase and valve cover with PVC gases, resulting in oily spark plugs and inconsistent gases from the PVC in the combustion chamber.
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