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Mini Launches Driving Excitement App

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MINI continues to use technology and connectivity to enhance the Mini driving experience with the release of a new app, called Driving Excitement, for its Mini Connected infotainment system. This new app allows the driver to do more than record their vehicle's diagnostics.

The first mode in the Driving Excitement app is the Condition Check. The driver can run through a status check from engine temperature and fuel levels to the outside temperature and the chance of rain. When the Condition Check determines that all parameters are satisfactory for spirited driving, the system will declare, "Be Mini."

The second function is Force Meter, an accelerometer that displays directional g-forces. Force Meter will record peak cornering forces as well as the driver's steering input. The app's Digital Sports Instrument mode can report engine coolant temperature and current engine speed as well as the amount of horsepower and torque produced.

Finally, the Mini Connected infotainment system now features a new Excitement Mode, which shuts off other functions within the system to only share key driving information so as to not distract the driver. Perhaps most clever of all, the Mini Connected also includes Dynamic Music, for enthusiasts who would like a soundtrack to their drive. Dynamic Music will help a driver choose up-tempo songs for fun, twisty two lane roads or relaxed music for the extended highway drives.

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Is this another app that only works with the snap-in adapter? What does the snap-in do that a USB socket can't :rolleyes:
I tried the driving excitement app on my JCW, but it seems that the HP and torque are limited. it shows always 184hp although i am not even stepping the half of the gas, and with the torque it is limited to 260NM... It seems those are the specs for the MCS... But yes it is a very nice app, finally we can check our water temperature...

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