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Mini Lcd sat nav screen!

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Is there any way of using the above for just a dvd player/tv tuner without having it wired up orginally e.g supply it with power n a source????
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don't quite understand what you mean?
He's asking if he can just fit the Mini NAV LCD screen in the normal location, but rather than connect it to the iBus (and have to fiddle with IKE's etc) if he can just run a 12V power to it and use it ONLY as a screen - I.e. for aftermarket DVD, playstation, etc.

I'm not sure of the answer, but hopefully I've cleared the question up :D
If someone already isn't, could be worth devleoping a kit to do just that.
A third party screen in a custom round casing.

Doubt you'd be able to get Mini to fit the dash mounted speedo,
without the cockpit chrono pack. :(
It'd be easy enough to do I think, but as LeiChat said you'd need a pinout of the connector on the back of the LCD screen, and it'd be MUCH MUCH easier if you'd ordered the car with the cockpit chrono pack, and then removed the center gagues (which I'm sure would sell quite well here!)
I tell you what - all the hassle associated with doing any of the mods suggested above wouldn't be worth the effort - just get factory nav and a video module, it's dead easy.

However, if you search back a fair way, there are some posts by woodman438 describing how to get signals into the screen and what kind of screen it is etc. Some useful info there, but he ended up just buying a video module anyway as it was too hard!

Then there are the problems you'd have with relocating the speedo (or tacho if you're in aus) as there are core modules behind it that aren't easy to deal with the relocation of. Not impossible mind, but certainly not easy!!
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