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Mini Mobility System

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Hi Don't know if this has been an issue before in Europe or the US, but us Brits do not have an option of a space saver spare wheel no more. The mobility system is a liquid repair system for tyre punchers, blow outs. I would appreciate any feedback if you have used the system successfully or like me been unfortunate and had a total failure with the system after receiving a puncher. I have tried to get some evidence from BMW UK but just been given the company info with no hard facts.

Sorry if this has been discussed previously but new to Mini and this site no FAQ regarding this issue.
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eh? since when? my 54 reg MO has a space saver spare wheel. Have they stopped speccing it as of 2005?
Where is your evidence for this? The space saver spare wheel is still listed as a £40 option in the MINI Made-to-measure application on, and you get the Mini Mobility system as standard if you have 15" wheels, but don't order the space saver as an option.

BTW, shouldn't this thread be in Wheels & Tyres?
I was informed by the North East customer service manager that the space saver was not an option anymore, past experience of BMW customer service has highlighted to me that if backed into a corner they will say anything, so I may have been lied too and this one will not put anything in writing. He did quote something regarding the EU emission law which would imply BMW are making the car lighter????
My '05 MCS has no spare, the battery takes up the space where the spare used to go in the boot.

Thus, we get runflats.
Runflats are not standard on any Mini models in the UK. BMW think a Mobility system is adequate or call out BMW emergency service and wait for a few hours. We are such easy going mugs over the pond.

Cheers vagt6 for the info
I don't have the MINI mobility system, but a no name brand equivalent. It looks okay, and hopefully I'll never have to use it. By the way, I'm running 17" R90 replica alloys with Goodyear RevSpec rubber, ie, not runflats.

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Having looked at the '05 MINI brochure. Space saver spare is still available but not on MINI One D or MCS as the exhaust is in the way of where the tray would go.
And the battery is in the boot too. I'm pretty sure a spare has never been offered for the MCS.
minigolf said:
And the battery is in the boot too. I'm pretty sure a spare has never been offered for the MCS.
Yes because as I said, the exhaust is in the way :D
Gone off the boil here, I would like to know if anyone has used this mobility system and actually re-inflated a tyre. I have been informed by BMW/Mini that this system is very reliable and would like some facts as they will not provide any proof.

Keep it on the subject please.
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