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Hi there,

Just hoping someone can help me. I've gotten a second-hand Mini One Cabriolet 2007 and am getting it all set up to use to enjoy! My analog speedometer works great but I was hoping to set up the digital one between the wheel so it is easy to see when driving.

I've managed to set it up but the speed is stuck at 5.5mph no matter if I'm going 30 or even at a stop. I was wondering if there was a way to fix or reset this so it shows my speed? Would appreciate any help or if anyone knows a way to fix it

Thanks in advance!

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If you have set up. More than likely you are able to access the hidden menu's trouble code's.
Here's a tutorial.
After accessing the code do a search online for what the problem is.
I use the Bavarian technic software and it seems to do alright.
When it comes to erasing service interval codes. Which is what most stuff that has to do with the steering wheel digital display unit; has to do with. So there's that.
I also have a Foxwell NT530
that can find codes and give the read out of what the code means.
What I am getting at is your problem could be an interval service problem that spawned into a problem or a Service interval problem in and of itself.
The problem itself. Can be fixed then the hidden trouble code(there should be one). Can be erased.
My Bavarian Technic software can erase regular codes, but it does service interval codes easier.
Of course this is all based on the idea that your regular speedometer is working properly.
In mine own opinion. It could be something simple like TPMS sensor causing that or it could be a speed sensor. I have noticed more and more to make sure connections are secure. It's like a having a lamp plugged halfway into the socket at home. It will work for a while but sometimes It will blow the light bulbs. In other words I would check the Speed sensors on the spindle to CV driveshaft if that is where they are located. Not sure! Have not had speed sensor issues.
But partially secured connections might do that where the speedo works fine in the center dash but fails to on the steering display.
To conclude. The dash display seldom lies about anything. It is saying something by it keeping 5km an hour. It's about drawing attention to the problem and erasing the code. But yea! that is how it usually comes across when it is working right(display). EXAMPLE:
When I had a hard code with a brake light warning. It cannot be erased but the Bavarian software says that is a service interval inspection of the rear brakes. The Foxwell module showed a code. And I can click that one menu further and it said your brake pad needs to be replaced. I thought well I know the brakes are good. But the sensor is like the eraser of a pencil and wears as the brakes wear.
I thought I did not replace it at the same time, no matter the sensor is newer. So I finally jacked the car up and the sensor fell out of it's housing and broke. So I replaced it. I have a thread on it call "this happened". So anyways. just replacing the sensor was not good enough to erase the code. At that point I had to use the Bavarian software, Under service interval. A menu where it shows how many miles the oil,coolant,tires,brakes, percentages how much is left. Then I went under brake sensor and re newed the service interval back to 100 percent. Even though I erased the light I did not replace the pads only the sensor. So for the lack of a better word. I did not do it perfect..The perfect way to re set the interval would be to replace the brake pads. Also I take that back the modern mini cooper sensor's are NOT like the old ones where they are like a eraser they are re usable until they break in my case. And do not need to be changed out each time.
So to erase and reset that you would need to replace whatever item went wrong(speed sensor,etc) and to erase the code somehow. I know that much. And to trust the display is giving a problem with the car and not that the display is a problem in and of it's self at this point.

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My average mileage was stuck on 2.4m when I first got my MINI, I disconnected the battery to fit my heated seat loom and ever since then it started working correctly
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