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I've just bought an R56 Mini One with the 1.4 N12 petrol engine which appears to be blowing white/grey-ish smoke out of the exhaust even when the car has been out for a long drive and is up to temp. This is accompanied by a strong petrol smell and liquid coming out of the exhaust.

The car feels ok when it is idling, but when you rev it up to 1-1.5k rpm and it returns to idle it feels a bit like it wants to stall but then almost corrects itself and the RPM jumps back up to normal idle

I've done a code scan on this car and it returned the following codes:
2AC4: PLSSUsig_C - Lambda Probe in front of the catalyst, plausability
2A53: HSHEsig_C - Lambda probe heating after catalytic converter, activation
2A74: LASHmax_C - Lambda probe after catalyst, aging

Now I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure the car is running rich, it's not like a fume smell, it smells like a petrol station, i.e unburnt fuel and gave me a bad headache. I've left the car running for a while and checked to see if the coolant level drops which it did so I would assume that it isn't coolant getting into the combustion chamber.

I cannot smell burning oil and fingers crossed its not a gasket/cracked block/bad seals as it would be a real shame :(

I don't know what to replace first, both lambda sensors are giving faults so I guess they could also be giving bad readings which causes the engine to run rich??? Other than that the only thing I can think of is bad injectors or something.

There is no check engine light either, and potentially the smoking gun: the wiring harness for the lamda sensors looks like its potentially had a dodgy repair done to it, they both lead into an unfastened blue choc block sort of thing with a zip tye holding it closed together, it sort of dangles around in front of the radiator fan.

My main question is this: can 2 faulty lamda sensors cause the engine to run really rich, and can an engine run so rich that it cause white/grey smoke to come from the exhaust.
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