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Mini ONE 2007 misfire and hesitating when accelerating

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Hi, recently bought a 2007 mini one (private sale) for myself and my daughter to drive. It has always been my dream to own one. So, a few days after getting it, when driving it for the first time since I drove it home it started hesitating in 1st gear, then 2nd gear... Then i noticed it misfiring and it smells of petrol. The engine management light came on.

Put it to garage, guy said it was spark plugs - charged my £140. When I left garage, car was almost bunnyhopping due to no power, eventually power kicked in but misfiring intermittently. It seems to hesitate at 3000 revs then eventually kick in. Put it back into garage but mechanic said he was really busy and said it could be dirty fuel so to fill her up and take it for a drive. Did that. Once the misfire stopped and I got it on the motorway and gave it some revs and accelerated through the gears it seemed to be running ok.

Parked it for 15 mins. Started it again and no power in 1st gear, misfiring again. Back to garage and left it with them - two weeks later the [email protected]&!ig so and so still hadn't even looked at it.

So, took it to another mechanic - he diagnosed it as an oxygen sensor flashing a fault - ??? What does that indicate? He has told me he needs to investigate and will get back to me.

The misfire seems to happen on a cold and warm engine. The engine management light is constantly on BUT on a couple of occasions it has flashed, usually after a misfire. The mini reeks of petrol. I disconnected the air flow meter to see if it was a faulty sensor that was putting the car into shutdown but it runs the same, probably worse so it isn't a sensor. (I think - I aint a mechanic)

Anyone got any idea? I cannot believe that someone sold this to me but I have no comeback as it was a private sale.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.
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