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I have a Mini One, 1.2L 2015 at 17,000 miles.

This is my first post in this forum. I really need some help! I do not know much about cars and this is my first mini. I purchased it in April last year at 6,000 miles. I have done 11,000 in a year then got my MOT done at an independent garage. 3 weeks later, the warning light telling me that my rear break pads need checking by service within 1000 miles.

I took my car back to the garage that did my MOT who tried to re-set the message, they assured me my rear break pads have just been checked during my MOT and they have plenty of wear left. Also, that if they were low it would of been an advisory. They couldn't turn off the warning message but reset it so it then said they need checking in 0 miles and I should drive moderately... :serious:

I then gave up with that garage as they clearly had no clue. I booked my car into Mini to get checked over as I thought it may just be the sensor. They have just rang me to tell me my rear break pads are at 3mm and that's why the sensor has come off.

I am posting because I am worried that mini are trying to rip me off.. I have no idea how to even go about measuring my own break pads and they are asking for £195 to change them. If i get them replaced somewhere else will the warning light definitely go off? I have no idea what to do, I cant keep driving with this warning light as it is driving me crazy. I miss my old car which wasn't so high tech with all these warnings!!

Please help!
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