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bagpuss2004 said:

Can any body tell me if i can put the new shape one 2004 bumper on the 2002 one model? Are the brackets the same? If not would it be difficult to adapt?


Interested in what you think of the idea? will it harm the look of the car?
Looks like Pobsey is right :) I am thinking of selling my Black 04 style bumpers from my One next year when I get the Aero kit, so I wanted to know if they would fit an 02 model too, looking at:
It looks like they do fit without any trouble, :) just BMW may not fit them for you. :rolleyes:

If you haven't already, you could also ask your dealer if they have some MCS side-skirts, BMW often have some left over from Aero kit conversions and practically give them away, so you could have them fitted at the same time as the bumpers! I prefer the new 04 look, so changing the older ones definitely gets my vote!

Hope all goes well if you have it done. :)

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Im always right :D :D
(If im not sure I wont post, theres nothing worse than duff information!)

Some dealers are well arsey about selling/giving away S bits, it seems thay would rather bin them than give them away! Its best to strike up a friendship with the parts department
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