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Hello all!

I've recently purchased a mini one clubman 59 plate as my first car and being the teenage boy I am I've purchased a small subwoofer for it :)

I think fairly competent with electronics but I'm worried about installing it for a few reasons, and I was hoping some of you would be able to help

1) I know the rear 6x9 drivers have a freq cut off at around 100hz, making it no good for me to tap into those cables for my high level input
2) would anyone have a schematic for the speaker cables (boost system, not satnav) so i know what colours to tap into under the passenger kick guard as there is so many down there and I cant find ant info as to what wire does what
3) not necessarily mini related, but for the high level input, do i need anything extra for my sub other than just splicing into the front door speakers and then connect to amp? (alpine swe-815) it comes with HLI cables?
4) finally, any ideas what I could connect the remote to as I assume it needs to be connected to the head unit so it knows when its on or off so it doesn't drain the battery?

Sorry for all the questions, anything is greatly appreciated!

Many thanks
James Bradman
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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