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Mini one convertible 07. Central locking has stopped working

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Hi everyone, would really appreciate the help!

All of a sudden it seems that my central locking has stopped working. I pressed the unlock/mini button on my key but it didn’t open. At first I thought it was the key, but tried my spare and still nothing.

it opened manually with the key, the alarm went off so had to put the key in the ignition to turn it off. Since then I’ve been trying to fix the issue. I’ve sat in the car and reset/programmed the key which seemed to work at first. Have also tried disconnecting and reconnecting the battery and reprogramming they key - this worked briefly when I was locking and unlocking from the inside but as soon as I was out the car, it locked once and then wasn’t unlocking with the remote.

Does anyone have any tips or advice on this please? Would really appreciate the help to make my life that little bit easier! 😬😬
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Simplest thing would be to check if the car battery and charging system is working normal and that the car key and battery is working properly.

If you take the car key to Timpson or similar place they can check the signal the key battery is giving and tell you if it needs replacing or not as most likely be sealed unit.

Car battery and charging system can be checked at a reputable garage.

Anything after that can get expensive.
Thanks knt,

The car itself is all working, first thing I tested was if the car battery was dead.

Strangest thing is, the central locking worked after a few tries when I was was reprogramming from the inside. It was when I tried locking and unlocking from the outside that it stopped working. I'm wondering if it's something to do with the receivers?
Could well be after you've ruled out all the cheap and easy fixes first.

If you do a search on this forum I think some articles about the receiver is in the rear view mirror if I remember correctly.
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