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Hi, I'm hoping for a bit of help or advice. I've had a Mini Clubman for a couple of years and absolutely love it. My mum has just bought a Mini One D 2016 plate from a family friend. It had its end of warranty service in June along with the MOT and all was OK.
The stop/start function didn't work to start with but without going into too much detail the car had not been used for a year, aside from being started and driven around the block so to speak a few times so I put it down to the battery not having enough charge.
Anyway, 4 months on and it still doesn't work but I've been told that the battery needs at least 85% charge in it to work so I'm not too concerned.
What is a pain is the boot warning light keeps coming on and each time Mum is concerned, even though she now knows that the boot is closed. It seems to happen when she's slowing down in 2nd or 3rd gear and now the rear wiper only works intermittently.
Does anyone have any experience of these faults and would they be connected? I had the car for a day and annoyingly neither issue happened whilst I had the car.
As it's out of warranty, Mini have said it will be £99 for the first hour of any exploratory work to find the faults with parts/labour on top.
Any help greatly appreciated!
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