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Mini One Faulty Door Switch / Electric Window?

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Hi Guys, New here.

My sister has a 51 Reg Mini One thats acting up. I think its a problem with the switch that tells the car whether the door is open or closed, but when locked up at night her interior light comes on and off constantly. Also, the passenger window has a fit, going up a bit, down a bit, dow a bit more, up a bit etc. I have removed both fuses for the time being and its booked into the dealer but can anyone give any ideas as to what this might be? Its no longer under warranty

Thanx in advance

02 Bora V6 4Motion
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Hi Mike

Welcome to MINI2 and sorry noone has come up with any suggestions :(

The trouble with problems like this is it could be a simple as a door switch, as you suggest, but it could equally be someting nasty like a computer fault. As I understand it, the MINI has two computers; one for engine management and one (called the Body Control Unit) to control other things like lights, windows etc.

If its a computer fault then the dealer should be able to detect this by reading the diagnostics. They should be able to tell whether its a big or small job to fix.

Best thing is to let the dealer have a look and let you know how much it would cost to fix.

Please report back and let us know how you get on.

Good luck.

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Thanx for the reply. As you suggest I think Ill see what the dealer comes up with and then refer back...hopes its just the switch!
Will probly be the switch - only problem is its in the door latch assembly
Dont know if you can by it seperate
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