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Hi. New to the forum and to owning an R50 (just purchased for my son as a 1st car).

The car has the standard fault with the central locking actuator motor failure on the drivers door, so I purchased a replacement unit from ebay and after fitting it the central locking worked a treat.

However, when we put it all back together and took it out for a spin we noticed a strange new symptom. After the doors auto lock over 15 mph and you stop the car the car the interior door handle will not open the door(even after the key is removed). Stranger still, if you try and open from the exterior handle you have to pull it twice to open the door and after that the interior handle works fine.

I've read about the 2 pull thing with the interior handle (one to unlock and another to open) but somehow this seems to have reversed itself between the exterior and interior handles. Althought it fits fine, the replacement actuator seems to be a slightly different design so wondering if it is from a later model and the wiring is subtly different? Not sure if anyone can confirm or deny this?

I've also read that the auto-locking over 15 mph and unlocking the doors when you take the key out (or 2 pulls to unlock and open) are customisable features if you have the software to get into the management system, so wondering if the auto locking feature was disabled then would it fix the problem we currently face, or is it just a faulty actuator?

Interested to know if anyone has experienced this problem before and can provide any advice?

If disabling auto-locking would fix,does anyone have a rough idea how much an independent is likely to charge to do that?

We have refitted the original faulty actuator for now so he has to use the key to manually unlock the door but at least he can get out of the car without lowering the window to pull the external handle twice. However, it would be nice to get it all working properly if we can.

Any advice gratefully received.
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