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hi guys!

my girlfriend has a 2008 mini one with an n12 engine, its only done 37k miles

however the car idles terribly, the revs drop to around 600 then sputter and back to up 7/800 rpm,

the car also has blue smoke coming from the exhaust after being left to idle for a while when you accelerate, (could be a red herring as the brilliant mechanic who serviced the car last overfilled it!)

Ive changed the PCV valve for a new one, the car doesn't have a maf, I've swapped the camshaft sensors, swapped vanos solenoids around and cleaned them, changed sparks and coils and removed the excess oil but all to no avail!

im not getting any codes or CEL and now short of valve steam seals I'm out of ideas,

anyone have any more ideas before i go ahead and tear the engine open?
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