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My new mini one (2010) drives really well apart from two incidents where I think I stalled and wasn't able to restart it. Both times I think I went into first gear from second too early when coming into a car park and the engine cut off (without jolting), and then when I tried to restart the engine (foot on clutch pressing ignition) the engine sounds like it turns over then fades away. The only way I found to get it to restart is by taking the key out and putting it back in and it starts straight away (but this takes time and is embarrassing when holding up traffic!!). An explanation mark warning sign also appeared on the screen below the rev count which went away after restarting.

I've tried stalling it on purpose and am able to restart it straight away with just the ignition button. I've also tried stalling it in the same way (going first from second when moving too fast) and wasn't even able to get it to stall, the car just jolts a lot.

Has anyone else had this issue? Does this sound like a problem with the car or is it just something I have to get used to?

Many thanks
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