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Mini One Wont Start

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So my sister has a 51 Plate Mini One that just doesn't behave anymore. After various problems with the passenger side electric door module, she went to start it last night and we got 'cla-click cla-click cla-click (silence)'. All lights work, so its not battery...seems to be the starter motor? The car simply won't turn over. Is this common? If so how much? Its out of warranty ...

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It probably is the battery to be honest, even if the lights are working, the battery may not justy have the cranking power to turn over the starter. It happens all the time in the Showroom to cars we don't regularly drive. The clicka clicka you're hearing is the solenoid trying to engage the starter motor.

If you have a multimeter, take a voltage reading, if it's less than 14.5 or thereabout's, it's charging time.

Same thing happened to mine once when I left the stereo on... all the lights worked, even the stereo still worked. But there just wasn't enough juice to turn her over, bump started her in the end ;)
Thanx for the reply, looks like you are right ...

Just had a call from my sister and nothing lights up at all now...sounds like it be the battery but its just been recovered to the dealer (doh). Im gonna drive down in a minute and have a look for myself.
Sounds like the battery to me too. If she uses it for short runs alot, then the battery won't be getting the charge it needs. Best thing to do is to get it bump/jump started and then take it for a nice long drive.
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