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Mini Only Track Day Fun organised by Lohen - January 22nd 2005

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Hi everyone,
We are planning a meeting open to all Mini owners at Bruntingthorpe on January 22nd 2005. Just checking out what sort of interest there maybe in such an event. No experience need and will be a light-hearted introduction into track days. No racing involved but just a chance to take your Mini out on the track to see how it fairs and also a chance to meet up with other Mini owners! If you are interested please send your contact details to [email protected] and we will get back to you with information about dates and prices.

We need to get 30 cars to guarantee the day (we already have 23), the price will be 129 pounds. The capacity for the event is 80 cars and we will be using the short course on the Bruntingthorpe proving ground. All Minis are wellcome from the most tuned to your just run in runabouts. Those competing in the JCC are also welcome to get some testing done (if you wish). The day is going to be cancelled if we dont get the numbers.

Here is some info on bruntingthorpe

The details are as follows:
  • Date 22/01/05 10am till 4pm
  • Location - Bruntingtorpe prowing ground (of the M1)
  • Minimum attendance 30 cars (max 80, optimum 60)
  • Price - 129 pounds
  • Helmet hire is available and will be 20 pounds
  • Tuition also available (book in advance) - 25 pounds for 25 minutes
  • Its a Mini only day and thus we will have exclusive use of the track for the day.

    • There will be a food outlet serving hot food and drinks, petrol station is less than five miles off the track.

      Please Note: This is a proving gound and not an official race track, but you still need to check with your insurance company if you are covered. If you require cover you can contact THB Egger Lawson (0115 9415255) and get a quote from them for the day.

      All of those interestred email [email protected] with your details.

      [email protected]

      People down to come so far:
      1. Keith Issatt
      2. Nick Short
      3.Susannah Benham
      4. Jason Fields
      5. Andrey (Lohen)
      6. REHW + Ollie ****
      7. Tony t3
      8. Mark Bloom
      9. Barry Bloom
      10. Steve Wind-Mozley
      11. Hobzy
      12. Captain
      13. Paul Donkin
      14. Max
      15. Andrew Hughes (*Clio*)
      16. Dcfkan
      17. Kitsang
      18. Chris Minto
      19. Lawrence Bowyer
      20. Nick Howland (Lohen)
      21. Collin Smith (Dino_Smith) + 1
      22. Andreas Serrano
      23. James (Ginge)
      24. Lee (Tuigamala)
      25. David Wenman (*Clio*)
      26. Gez Mendinger
      27. Chris Williams (*Clio*)
      28. Matthew Key (*Skoda*)
      29. Kirsty (*MX-5*)
      30. Craig Pidcock (*Honda Prelude*)
      31. Jeff Bruce-Southern
      32. Mark Laws (Mini2mad)
      33. David Edge (*Clio*)
      34. BoyR4cer
      35. Stuart Wigley
      36. Stuart Wigley's Guest
      37. Matt Middleweek (Audi S3)
      38. Anand Kotecha
      39. Nicola Bedi (Rooster)

      Watching Only (Its Free!!! All welcome to come)
      1. Scooby212
      2. Wibbly
      3. Hickster
      4. Notts04chillimini
      5. Feline
      6. Cooper_sport
      7. Woodsy_Bear
      8. Ginger
      9. Speedd
      10. Chris Knight
      11. M.2
      12. John England
      13. Nathan Lewis + 1
      14. Alex
      15. Ray Westfield + 2
      16. Mrs Fevs + 3
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i'm surprised nobody has responded to this :(
If its a pucker track day, and its cheap, I'm interested...
'bout time the tyres went sideways, "no racing" as in open pit / safety briefing, slower cars pull off line etc ?? or ....
Could be interesting, stick me down as a possible!

Will you be bringing your wares out for a display?, as I have seen your advert in Go Mini :confused:


David :)
I may well be interested yeah :D - oohh and a certain mr Dinkadonka too :D

I'll send you my details

Definatly up for this!! I have been to Bruntingthorpe twice - it's not a hard track but it's fast and I love it!

So put me down!
Hi everyone,
Sorry I havn't replied eariler, v.busy and I havn't been able to get to a PC with internet. As for details concerning the day, I will email the peoplewho have emailed us and I will PM everyone else. I will get details of date, time, prices etc by early part of next week. Hope that everyone else is as excited as I am! Anyone else who would like to join in just email me or stick a post here and I will get back to you too. Hopefully the more people there is the cheaper it will get.

J1JPE - basically a chance to give your Mini some action, no egos, no pressure, just a good excuse to get out! :) (-slower cars move away from the line etc)

David - We will be bringing a couple of our Mini's along, including the cooper s you can see on our website. As for products we may bring a few along as there have been a lot more products add to our list since the GoMini ad. Also including catalogues, stickers etc. Maybe even a few discount cards for our products! Its still in early stages as we wanted to see what kind of interest there was for it. We are aining for before christmas at the moment tho.

Cheers and sorry again for keeping you all waiting,
[email protected]
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Cool, I look forward to the updates!

I've emailed you as well Lohen, by the way.
I'm a possible please Nick - depending on cost and when it is - getting close to Crimbo now ;)
SoggyCornFlakes said:
I'm a possible please Nick - depending on cost and when it is - getting close to Crimbo now ;)

30 minutes on and this is still on the 'live wire'.... slow day today on M2
I ve put you on the list SoggyCornflakes! Will get in touch soon.

[email protected]
Lohen Track day

Hello people,
Andrey from Lohen here

For those of you wondering about the techical bits:
- The run off areas are very large and there is hardly any chance of damaging your car
- Bruntingthorpe is a proving groung hence your road insurance and warranty are going to be ok and all you need is a full tank of petrol!!!!

as it is not an official racetrack there are is no marshals and everything is very informal and chilled out. OH and you will definately get a chance to test the top speed of your car!!!!
Come on then, those of you always 'talking' about how quick you are, come and prove it.... I'm thinking Max, and Jones! and a few others out there..... gotta be worth a day out?
Might be tempted if the price is right... Will be able to fully wear out the runflats and have a good excuse to get rid of 'em :D
I could also be tempted to this :D
I may be tempted to come along as a very interested spectator........ :D

Perhaps you could look at running some 0-60 times and the like :D
Put me down as a maybe...would like to know more though - prices, date etc.

Yeah, 0-60 times would be good ;) :D

Cheers, LB
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