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Mini PHEV Regen level and Economy

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After a few months ownership of my Counryman SE Phev I think I'm finally getting to grips with the regen levels provided and I haven't seen a lot of it discussed so I thought it would be interesting to see other peoples thoughts.

In terms of the driving modes we have Green, Mid & Sport, as far as I can tell they work as follows...

Regen Levels
Green: Regen only when braking.
Mid: Regen on coasting and braking.
Sport: Regen up to 50% when driving and when coasting and braking.

From my experience the regen when driving in Sport mode has a large impact on fuel economy, often reducing by around 20mpg. This is only when charging up to 50% battery however at which point regen stops and economy improves.

Driving Modes
The three driving modes Max E-Drive, Auto E-Drive and Save are fairly straightforward however I've noticed that they don't always perform as expected.

Max E-Drive usually does what it's supposed to and uses just the High Voltage battery until it's depleted or cannot provide the required torque at which point it switched to Auto E-Drive.

Auto E-Drive is supposed to switch between Battery and Engine automatically and usually does however in my experience the point at which it switches doesn't really make sense. Drive below 60mph and the car will often switch to battery power which means that if your driving at 55 on an A road could end up using up all of the battery power which would likely be more useful if saved for slower moving traffic, junctions and town / city driving. I think this mode would be much more useful if it was either set to switch at 50mph or had a user definable switching speed.

Save mode prioritises the petrol engine and saves battery use until you need it however this comes at a high cost because as well as saving the remaining battery capacity it also recharges back up to 100% during driving and the regen can cost around 20mpg when running on the engine.

If doing a short run where you know the battery will cover all of it then Max E-Drive on Green provides the best range however there's really not much in it between that and mid so I have my car set to default to Max E-Drive and leave on the default of Mid.

For anything else you have to make a choice of how you want to use the battery. If I know I'm going on a longer journey where Auto E-Drive will waste the battery on 60mph roads and I'd prefer to use it later then I'll often flick the gear selector over to sport /M to and let it regen to or maintain 50% battery just to save the hassle of keep pressing the toggle switches. I find this method doesn't interfere with the driving pleasure as much as messing around with modes etc and it's nice to have 50% battery saved for when it's more useful.

Obviously you don't really want to end your journey with remaining battery capacity so I'll often switchback to E-Drive as nearing home at the end of the day.

What are other people thoughts? Do you also find the Auto-Edrive switch level to be set too high?
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Had mine almost a year now and basically leave our village in electric then flick the gear leaver to the left and leave in petrol down the country lanes(only a couple of miles)until i get to town when it goes back into full EV mode.
i just keep it simple and on the few occasions i do a longer run on a motorway i leave it in petrol until i reach an urban area then just switch back to EV.
Have you tried Auto-Edrive with a destination set in the sat-nav? It is supposed to switch between power sources automatically to take best advantage of the routing for economy
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