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Need a bit of advice really. :confused:

Got a MCS on order due to be delivered first week of November 2004.
Heres the problem, due to personal reasons (my girlfriend is now expecting a baby :D ) i am unable to afford the car. :(

I have called the dealer today who informs me i will probably not get my £500 deposit back due to it being so close to delivery but it would be at a manager's discretion. :mad:

Would i be likely to sell the car for the purchase price if i was to purchase it and sell it on straight away (therefor not loosing any money) ?

Spec as follows

Chilli pack
17" S-Spokes
CL/Leather Blue/Black
Aircon manual
Front fogs
CD player

You advice/comments would be most helpful



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Family Car?

Well Darren,

You could see it this way; 500 as a down payment for a beautifull baby is not that much.
Accept it, do not think twice and close the book. (The Mini dealer now doubt will have to pay the car themselves, meaning that the 500pounds sort of covers the interest.)

On the other hand ;)
Life is life! Why convert a lifestyle when a kid is born? I had my first kid a 25years of age.
It did absolutely not influence our way of living we just took the little one along and she loved it. We couldn't afford anything, just did it, always managed.

Live Life would be my advice, too many stories of people providing and collecting and building fortune untill, they're old and do not enjoy exitement anymore.



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A few weeks ago my dealer was telling me about the cancelled orders he had. One of them was for someone buying a MINI for his son for doing well in his exams - only when it came to it the lad didn't do well so dad cancelled. The dealer said that he wouldn't refund the £500 until he had sold the car, but it sounded as if he was only being that tough as he thought the bloke had been a bit stupid and the spec wasn't that popular.

Your spec looks "sensible" so I wouldn't have thought that they'd have much trouble moving it on. IMO you would be lucky to manage to sell the car on yourself and lose less than £500, and even if you did there would still be the hassle of insuring it, etc. and tough though I can imagine your decision has been, to actually take delivery knowing that you need to sell ASAP would be even worse.
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