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Countryman owners can now enter some information into their MINI Profile :)

Countryman specific selections have been added to the following MINI Profile entries:

MINI Model
MINI One Countryman
MINI One Diesel Countryman
MINI Cooper Countryman
MINI Cooper Diesel Countryman
MINI Cooper Diesel ALL4 Countryman
MINI Cooper S Countryman
MINI Cooper S ALL4 Countryman​
MINI Body Color
Absolute Black
Cosmic Blue
Surf Blue
True Blue
Light Coffee
Oxford Green
Royal Grey
Pure Red
Crystal Silver
Light White
Bright Yellow​
MINI Wheels
16x6.5 R122 5-star Single Spoke
16x6.5 R123 5-hole Circular Spoke
17x7 R124 5-star Double Spoke
17x7 R125 Tunnel Spoke
18x7.5 R126 Turbo Fan
18x7.5 R127 5-star Double Spoke
19x7.5 R129 5-star Double Spoke​

I'll be adding more Countryman specific selections to other entries (eg. Seat Upholstery) once I familiarize myself with these options.

Please update your MINI Profile :)

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As promised ...

Countryman specific selections have also been added to the following MINI Profile entries:

MINI Seat Upholstery
Cloth - Diagonal Track - Carbon Black
Cloth/Leather - Parallel Lines - Light Tobacco
Cloth/Leather - Parallel Lines - Pure Red
Leather - Gravity - Carbon Black
Leather - Lounge - Light Coffee​
MINI Dash and Door Trim
Dark Silver
Dark Anthracite
Black Checkered​
MINI Interior Color Line
Dark Tobacco
Pure Red
Surf Blue​
Per the request of dlpruk a new MINI Profile entry has been added for Countryman and Clubman owners:

MINI Seat Configuration
4 or 5​
The following FAQs have been updated to reflect Countryman options:
Please update your MINI Profile :)
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