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Another little problem on this 2002 Mini Cooper 1.6, bought it 18 months ago and I have a receipt that shows it had a new power steering pump fitted 3 years ago.

There was a constant fluid leak from under the car and one day the steering was feeling strange so I checked the power steering reservoir and the level was low.
Got some CHF11S fluid - never used it before and then noticed that this fluid was green and the fluid in the reservoir was red. So it appears that someone has topped or filled with the wrong fluid and so from what I have read online the seals are gone, hence the level kept dropping, there are leaks at the end of the rack and I'm leaving oily deposits everywhere whilst wasting money on fluid.

A second hand rack wouldn't be dear and even a recon one seems to be relatively cheap. Never swapped a rack out before so looking around for info - any pointers from you helpful folk ? I also obviously need to make sure that all traces of the old red fluid are gone from the system.

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The leaking usually ends up being the
hose clamps or hoses themselves
rather than the seals.
This happens on most R50 or R53
MINIS after a number of years, and
when MINI replaces the pump (free
under recent recall), they almost
never address the hoses unless you pay extra for it.
Suggest replacing the lower hose
clamps and replacing the fluid with
I would do this once when doing the
clamps, drive around a while, then
remove as much fluid from the
reservoir as you can, refill with
CHF11S again, and do that
maybe one more time after a bit more
time and miles.

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If the recall is for the pump that is all they will do. Just because the hose is attached to the pump and part of the same system it is not part of the recall.

Of course, they will change the hose if you pay them to do so.
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