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Mini R53 (03) MCS - Autolights and OBC (Yes I have searched :) )

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Hi All,

Brand new to BMW based Minis and bought my first one a couple of weeks ago which is a prefacelift (03) MCS (R53). I notice the car has auto wipers (and obviously the sensor on the windshield) and the dimmable rear mirror but it doesn't have auto lights or the OBC.

My question to you guys is this:

Am I right in thinking hardware wise I will just need the correct stalks and squib to retrofit the autolights and the OBC as I already have the windscreen sensor?

I am no stranger to BMW's and coding them through NCS Expert and INPA and so I am not concerned over the coding element - I have even gone through the files on the car and found what I need to code to make them work from that point of view and so I just need a little guidance with regards to the correct hardware.

Thanks for your help!
Craig :)
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