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mini r56 one burning oil and common vanos related codes

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got started on this ne today at around 1.30pm by 5pm all pistons out head off ready for cleaning then refreshing,,
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above pic its had a chain kit at some point , timing is around 3 teeth out , kit used was a partial cheapest off ebay ,
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clearly see timing miles out
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above pic normal cylinder nearest gearbox port full of oil,
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cylinder head and lagged in burn oil residue

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this has been getting hot at some point i suspect,

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above pic common issue the plastic link pipe broken on its end as is 2007 same as water pump and thermo housing,, very min we need to change is this pipe , would rather do all 3 things to be sure as its all 2007 for piece of mind,, but that will be owners choice, I also pulled oil filter housing off to replace the seals has its got a oil leak ,
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@mike1967 I would err that the majority of mini gen 2 owners are unlikely to realise that their pride and joy is an oil sucking, sump emptying monster! I was shocked when my partner's gen 2 went from a well behaved small car to a £40 a quarter oil habit, literally over night. Aware that FIA do a turbo bare head option at a reasonable price, haven't seen anything for the non-turbo, but there's a market given that there will be lots of blocks without available heads in the future. Or possibly someone will set up a shop to re-work the heads with bearing slips. Ultimately depends on how long people want to keep gen 2s on the road. Generally gravitates to a small subset of the range that people will desire. Keep thinking I will do another gen 2 engine rebuild, would have to be a late model with reasonably low miles to to reduce the risk of being left with an engine that needs a replacement head due to oil starvation.
@mike1967 like we say all Prince engines will gravitate towards high oil consumption, speed at which this happens is the question. In reality looks like, as with most things, down to how the car is used and looked after. More careful the owner is with driving the car, frequency of oil changes, and I guess a degree of luck can prolong the inevitable. As predictable as day follows night every gen 2 mini will consume large amounts of oil. Best bet, plan to refresh the engine if considering long term ownership. I doubt BMW are prepared put that in the service book!
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